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Medical Education Reform 

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Practice Model Reform 

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The new AMA

  • Not your grandfather's AMA

  • Rand-AMA Study: Quality drives MD satisfaction; EHRs detract

  • CEO James Madara on 3 core initiatives of AMA: better outcomes for patients, students and physicians. Minutes 7-10:

    • “Physicians want desperately to be able to deliver high quality care to their patients. Indeed this is our greatest satisfier. When able to provide such care physicians are fulfilled.” 

    • “Physicians are frustrated by the increasing number clerical and administrative tasks that detract them from their calling—patient care.”

    • “If I describe the effect of the current state of EHRs on satisfaction as dismal, I fear might be insulting dismal.” 

    • “Let’s be frank. EHRs as they exist today are to optimize two things: claims billing and risk mitigation. They are not optimized for the efficient entry and extraction of clinical data needed by physicians to help their patients.  And this needs to change.

    • “EHRs must serve to enhance the physician-patient interface. Other functions should be retrofitted and subservient to this higher clinical need.”