Patient-centered Medical Home 

  • Video Roundtable Discussion Dr. Don Klitgaard and Dr. Christine Sinsky discuss the PCMH. Free CME (Registration required) 
  • PCMH Roundtable: The Medical Home: Better for Whom? Drs. Joseph Frolkis, Christine Sinsky and Stuart Pollack discuss the PCMH. 2012 pdf 
  • PCMH Neighborhood: A Primary Care Physician's View.  "Truly transforming the US health care system around personalized medical homes embedded in highly functional medical neighborhoods will require better staffing models, more robust electronic information tools, aligned incentives, better regulation and greater patient, family and community engagement." Ann Intern Med 2011
  • What's Different in a PCMH?  Medical Associates Clinic in Dubuque, IA, Brigham and Woman's Advanced Primary Care and Vermont's Blueprint for Health are highlighted in this 2013 US News and World Report article on bringing customer service to health care. 
  • Ten Building Blocks of the PCMH: Bodenheimer et al describe structures and processes needed for medical home.