Overall Practice Organization 

Save 1-2 hours per day by re-engineering workflows and information flows. A few hours creating a well-organized system will save much time in the long run, and will make the work more enjoyable. 

ACP 2013: Strategies to Boost Satisfaction

Plan ahead for a meaningful and manageable next visit by reappointing patients at the end of each visit, and arranging pre-visit lab. By having results at the appointment the patient can be more engaged, and the practice eliminates hours of post-appointment results reporting work.  The idea is  "The next appointment starts today."

  • Visit planner example: Orchestrate next steps of care in seconds with check-list

  • Visit planner: Modify visit planner to your own needs) xlsx 

  • Planned care appointments: A data management system to decrease missed test results, support workflow efficiency and enhance patient centered care.  (letter to editor re: missed PSA results) pdf


A tool for agenda setting: when the patient and physician agree on the agenda the care is better and the visit more satisfying. 


Save an hour per day by renewing chronic illness meds only once per year. Increase medication compliance by decreasing renewal gaps

Streamlined Prescription Management

Annual Comprehensive Care Visit



Dr. Michael Zimmerman at Stanford illustrating daily team huddle